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photo- Dafi Sapoonar

Fool Moon- the Chelem Legend

A huge book turns into a Theater stage through “pop-up” technique. Based on the Chelem stories, from the best of the Jewish folklore. 

rain bird 5.jpg

photo -Tal Kastan

The Rain Bird a Paper Tale

A unique theatrical language, which combines the art of  Origami  with Story-Telling, 

מוסטאש החתול צילום כפיר בולוטין (24).jpg

photo- Kfir Bolotin

Moustach the Cat


A show for young children(3 +)

without words, combining

visual theater, movement and puppetry.

unique world, which consists almost 

entirely of circles ...


photo-  Elad Barmi

 The next Online Short Course: 

Online Art books course (in English)

Starts: Sunday7.4.24 at 20.00 Israel time 

4 Lessons,                                                            The dates:7.4.24,14.4.24,21.4.24,28.4.24

Price:450 ILS (about 125$)

For Booking:  Pay-Pal:


For Israeli Booking via Bit App, contact me: 

For more details about the course​:

The Cubes Circus


S5000428 (2).JPG

A performance without words combining puppetry, plastic

art and Dance Theater.  inspired by the Bauhaus' dance theater, the "Triadic Ballet" of Oscar Schlemmer.                     

Other :

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