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The Cubes Circus

Concept and design: Galia Levy-Grad

Direction:                                  Galia Levy-Grad, Marit Benisrael

Artistic language development and script: Marit Benisrael

Actors: Nir Landa / Jakov Shvili, Rotem Goldenberg

Music: Avi Benjamin

Lighting Design: Dov Mielnik Cover

A production of


A performance without words combining puppetry, plastic art and Dance Theater.                                                                                                            The show is inspired by the Bauhaus' dance theater, especially the "Triadic Ballet" of OscarSchlemmer and the book "Tsafoof" by Galia Levy-Grad.


How many cubes does the princess wear?

And how would you train a cube dog?

Is the clown's nose round or square?

In the cubes circus everything can happen!

A couple of clowns/dancers succeed to set a wondrous world of cubes in motion. The cubes will be spread out, shrink and divide into different and bizarre animals.

The actors wear cubes and dance with them; they train and cast a spell on them. Sometimes they get eaten (but not for real). They quarrel, make up, fall in love and create a wondrous and joyful world.


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