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# 003 Art books course

Next course:

Saturday 7.4.24 at 20.00 Israel time


Video: Stav Grad.         Music: Avi Benjamin

Learning different techniques for making special books,                                          Using them for theater and storytelling and as a way of artistic personal expression Suitable for all paper and book lovers.

*Some of the topics in the course :tunnel book, star book, flag book, and using the     book as a   sculptural material.

*4 lessons ,each lesson: 2-3 academic hours.

 *Number of participants about 15.

 *The course will be in English.

 *Homework is required.

 *The course is suitable for puppeteers, illustrators, graphic and plastic artists

  And for those who love paper

Amount to be paid: 

450ils( about 125US $)     

Link to  Pay-Pal for Booking:

Students works

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