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Moustach the Cat

Idea, script, design , stage design and performance: Galia Levy Grad

Direction, choreography and stage design: Tammy Izhaki

Performance and in collaboration: Shay Percil

Music: Avi Benjamin

Artistic consulting:

Naomi Yoeli, Marit Benisrael

A production of


Moustache the Cat, 

A unique show for young children(3 +)combining visual theater, movement and puppetry.

The circle is the basis of the show, as  a basic form in children's games.

This show is a discovery and surprise exploratory game. It is a drama of shapes and colors and the relationship between them: 

The circle changes all the time. One moment it  becomes a cat and the next it is a dancer. One moment  a naughty monkey and the next  a clumsy bear. Big and small, black and white with a bit of red - a wealth of shapes, figures and situations. A small world with its own special legality, accessible and inspiring. Little stories, dances and relationships  between two sisters . 

All born out of a circle.


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