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The Rain Bird - a Paper Tale

Created by Galia Levy-Grad

Adaptation and direction:

Naomi Yoeli

Concept, design, acting and manipulation: Galia Levy-Grad Original music: Ittai Rosenbaum

Lighting design: Dov Mielnik Costume design: Noa Vidman Construction: Yuri Suchanov

Cover photo: Tal Kasten

A production of


“At the end of the world, in an evergreen forest, there lived the most beautiful bird in the world – the Rain Bird.

People came and settled in the forest; they sang and danced in honor of the bird, but then…”

What happens when a little village has become a big city?

What happens when the song and the story of the bird have been forgotten?

And what happens when a little child believes that there is still a place for the Rain Bird in this world…

In a unique theatrical language,  which  combines  the  art  of  Origami  together  with  the art of Story-Telling, the artist instills life into the paper; the folded heroes partake in a dramatic plot, full of magic and surprises.

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