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#005 Folding Toy Theater course

Next courses: Starts: Sunday  7.10 at 17.00 Israel time            Dates:7.10,14.10,21.10,28.10 

Video: Stav Grad.         Music: Eyal Talmudi

Toy Theater course Topics

 *New methods and tricks for creating stages, connectors and  puppets

  for the  old and beloved toy theater.

 *Learning different techniques for making Folding Paper Theater.  Provided for mobility and           easy setup. 

 *Creating puppets for paper theater stages: learning different operating methods,

 *Learning new connectors, stands and a rotating mechanism for paper puppets.

 *The course is suitable for puppeteers, educators, and paper lovers.

 * 4 lessons ,Each lesson: 2-3hours.

 *Number of participants about 15.

 *The course will be in English.

 *Homework is required.


Price: 450 ILS (about 125$)

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