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#001 Pop-up Theater course

 Pop-Up Theater In English 

Started  on Thursday 4.5 at 20.00 Israel time

7 Lessons, 

for the upcoming popup course  please live a message

Clip Music by Avi Benjmin

    Pop-up Theater Course Topics:

    *The essence of the course: How to use simple pop-up mechanisms as a basis for action             and drama in puppet theater


   *Pop-up methods and techniques as a basis for such as V-fold, layers and combining them.


   *Puppets for Pop-Up Stages. Different methods of two and three-dimensional puppets that             can operate within the pop-up stages we will create  a group project.

   *The group will be divided into threes and each group will prepare a script for a familiar legend

     which includes a new adaptation, preparation of stages and puppets. Each participant will be       responsible for one stage.

   *The last lesson will be devoted to viewing the groups work and receiving feedback for further         work in the of Pop-up language.

    (If a participant prefers to work alone it is possible)

 *7 lessons ,Each lesson: about  2 hours.

 *Number of participants about 15.

 *The course will be in English.

 *Homework is required.

 *The course is suitable for puppeteers, illustrators, graphic and plastic artists

  and for those who love paper.


Students works

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